Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Surviving Setbacks..

Let's face it: there are going to be times in our life where we find ourselves in the middle of a setback.  Many, many setbacks.  Personal, professional, health, and more.  Circumstances both beyond and within our control can cause these "bumps in the road" that can create doubt, fears, insecurities, and frustrations.

I personally have been struggling with some personal setbacks brought on by hurt feelings.  Now my brain knows darn well that I have complete control over what I let hurt me, what I let get to me, and what I let impact my daily attitude.  But for some reason, this setback.. I just couldn't shake it.

No matter how much I tried not to dwell on this situation and the feelings I was experiencing, it seemed it was always there, in the forefront of my mind.  I finally realized I need to intervene - get my heart and my mind back on track, doing what I know to be healthy and right: Pray over and over about this.

This led me to a devotional on Monday in Our Daily Bread.  The entire devo was about guarding your mouth, but deeper than that, it was about examining our heart before letting the words escape our lips.  Even though I was not really sharing my hurt with anyone other than my husband.  I knew that the "thoughts" that I was thinking was affecting me very negatively.

This got me wondering how many other out there were experiencing damaging thoughts this week as well? Are you struggling with a situation, a decision, or circumstance, and it is setting you back mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

There is hope.  Listening to your heart, finding out the root cause of the feelings you are experiencing is important to healing.  It is important to forgiving yourself for the setback.  Because again, it is my belief that we have a say in who or what hurts us.  We allow it, or can ignore it.

My prayer for you today is that God will shine a light on the true feelings that are bubbling up over this situation, that you may experience peace and understanding.  That you can find forgiveness and joy again.

Setbacks are just mountains we need to climb so that we can experience the healing of the journey.  Embrace the lessons learned during your setback.  Make changes, and do not allow that same setback to control your thoughts and actions.  You can do this with God's help.

...but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm. -Proverbs 1:33

Quiet your mind, and listen to our Father in Heaven.  Let Him guide you and pull you up from the setback you are experiencing.  

Your Sole Searching Sister,

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