Saturday, March 29, 2014


Today I want to talk about results.

We all want them.  We all dream of them.  We all work hard to see them.  Well, what happens when we finally start seeing them?

For me, I remember getting very excited, and then immediately feeling like I could become complacent in my workouts and the way I chose to eat.  Now, four years down the road, I look back at that time and wonder why it was in my nature to automatically hit the brakes on all that I knew to be working?

I think that for me, I was so excited to work very hard see the results that I felt the need to "reward" myself with food or "days off." I can see now that using food and exercise as rewards is not healthy for me, instead, I choose to view the way I feel, the energy I experience when I eat right and work out as my reward.

Eventually, of course, I figured out that I couldn't keep the results I was experiencing unless I continued on my healthier path.  It just doesn't work that way.

I want to encourage you today. If you are someone just starting out, and are seeing some results, please stay the course.  Keep going.  Instead of just focusing on pounds or inches lost, consider also journaling about how you feel each day when you make good food choices and move.  Did you have more energy? Did you sleep well?

Focusing on how my body feels has helped me to maintain this lifestyle for some time now.  It still isn't easy; some days that I have scheduled to go run or walk I wish I didn't need to.  But truly once I am out on the roads, I love it.  I love the air, the breeze, the feeling of accomplishment, and the sense of peace I experience.

Be assured, that the healthy choices you make today and every day are their own reward.  YOU are doing something to help YOU.  That is awesome, that is wonderful, that is needed.  YOU are the only one that can do it for you... Keep going, notice the little things that all add up to the results you started doing this all for anyway... Less stress, more energy, feeling better each day overall.

You can do this.  I know you can.

Your Sole Searching Sister,

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” ― Aristotle

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