Monday, July 28, 2014

Fun with "FROZEN"

Ok, this particular post has absolutely nothing to do with fitness.  But I promised a few folks I would post this, so here goes.

Our daughter recently turned 11 and had a couple of friends over for a FROZEN themed sleepover.  We scoured the internet for cute practical ideas.  One thing we really wanted to do with the girls was have some simple interactive activities they could do as they viewed the movie FROZEN.

We didn't find a whole lot on the web so my daughter and I sat down one Sunday afternoon, pen and paper in hand, and watched the movie (for the millionth time) for inspiration.  Below are the instructions we read to the girls right before they watched the movie together.  After that, I will give you a supply list of what we provided and how we packaged it for them.


Frozen Fun

-Using the white paper and scissors provided, fold and cut your own unique snowflake during the opening credit/song "Vuelie."

-When Anna starts to sing, "Do you want to build a Snowman?" make your own snowman using the tools provided

-After Elsa first creates Olaf,  she (he) says, "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs." Turn to a neighbor and give them a hug.

-Kristoff feeds Sven a carrot on Coronation Day.  You get a carrot too! Check inside your bag!

-Eat your mini chocolate candy bar, when Anna sings "I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face" during "For the First Time in Forever."

-When Hans and Anna dance the robot during "Love is Open Door," stand up and do the "robot."

-Draw a nose on your Olaf coloring sheet when Anna gives Olaf his carrot nose in the winter woods scene.

-Wear your sunglasses while Olaf sings "In Summer."

-When Anna throws a snowball at Elsa's snowman, Marshmallow, throw the cotton balls at your neighbor.

Supplies needed per child:

-Small gift bag to hold all supplies
-Plastic snack size baggies (can be purchased at Dollar store)
-Mini Hershey bars or the like
-One baby carrot in snack baggie
-Olaf coloring page
-One white sheet of paper
-Child sized scissors
-Orange crayon for Olaf's nose
-Three white paper circles and glue stick to build snowman
-Sunglasses (can be purchased at Dollar store)

Below is a photo of the group as I read the directions for the movie viewing activities.  You can see the little gift bags that we gave them that housed all the supplies listed above.

Here are some photos of some other things we did to create a FROZEN theme!

This sign was kind of last minute, but we hung it on the outside of our front door for our guests to read upon entering.

The girls were invited to a "create your own Olaf" station as they entered.  Lots of cute edible little snowman!

Some of the snacks we had available throughout the night.

It was a great party! 

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