Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Becoming Fear-Less

What do you fear? 

What causes you anxiety or stress? 

 I believe we all have something or someone that we allow to dig into confidence or faith, and cause it to waver. After all, we are imperfect. That being said, let's think about how our lives would be different if we made the choice each day to focus on our Hope in God instead of allowing "the little things" to rob of us it. 

Fear=the absence of Trust. 

That may hard for us to read, but think about it.. I suspect you will see it's true. Perhaps there is a situation that you are in that is causing you fear or doubt of the future. 

What steps could you take today that would provide you with a stronger Faith, trusting in God's plan and His provision during this trial? 

Here are a few of my personal suggestions: 

-Pray. Always start here. Pray out loud, pray silently, or even write our your prayer. But take some time to intentionally express yourself and listen for His wisdom. Read the Word. 

-Call a friend. Confide in him/her. Seek counsel, invite him/her to join you in praying for the situation. 

I am praying for all who are reading this that are experiencing fear or doubt today. I don't know what the situation is, but I do know that I will be praying that you experience God's peace and comfort right now. May His wisdom and guidance be your focus... 

Your Sole Searching Sister, Julie

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