Thursday, April 30, 2015


I am not sure when exactly it changed for me.  It's been since my daughter was born for sure.  I started studying the Bible more, participating in Bible studies, then leading them.  Reading devotionals every day.

Somewhere along the way, I began listening intently for God's voice in my daily life.  I worked at discerning His voice from my wants/needs.  I prayed and began really experiencing His peace and His guidance.  I felt it in the big things, and even in the small.  Nothing is impossible for Him.

Today, I want to share what happened to me this morning.  I take my daughter to school every day, and we leave the house at 6:50 a.m.  I drop her off at around 7:10 a.m.  If I am not working, I typically will go and run or walk the bridge.  Today I did just that, and had plans to run into Publix for about 10 items on the way home.

As I completed my workout, and got into my car.  I began thinking of what I needed to pick up at the store, when I felt an overwhelming feeling that I should go to Walmart instead of Publix.  Mind you, Walmart would have been about a 10 minute drive out of my way, and Publix would be on the drive home.

I buckled up my seatbelt, and still just couldn't shake the feeling I needed to go to Walmart.  So, I started heading that way.  As I parked, I prayed and said, "Ok, God, I know you whispered this to me.  I cannot wait to see why going to Walmart was so important today."

 I got out of the car, and started walking towards the South entrance to the store.  I had parked in the middle row of the lot, so I could have just as easily gone to the other entrance (the grocery entrance, which is primarily what I was shopping for,) but for some reason I started heading toward the other entrance.

As I stepped up on the sidewalk, I heard a woman's voice call my name.  I looked and saw that it was an old friend that I had not seen in at least a year, maybe more.  She was one of the first women I had met after we had moved to Florida from Texas years ago.  She used to attend the Mom and Me program I led at our former church, when her oldest was under 3.  We hugged, and I was able to meet her third child for the very first time.  We chatted for a few minutes, and I told her the story I just told you.  She replied that she was there to return something, and was only going to be running in for a few moments.  The timing was perfect, we both agreed.  I found out some great news, she's expecting baby number 4 and has decided to go back to school part time.  It was just wonderful to see her, and catch up.

Now, I know some might think all of this is coincidence.  I am so thankful that God nudged me, even if it was to go to Walmart.  I had been thinking of this friend last week, and knew she was no longer on facebook, and I did not have her most current number to connect with her.  It just was so timely and perfect.

I know without a doubt that God speaks to us all day, every day.  Some times we are listening, but I fear, more often than not, we aren't.  I want to encourage you today to go over in your mind any nudges (about your career, your education, your family, your health) you have been feeling lately, maybe something you have been ignoring.  Once you have done that, take time each day to pray.. ask God to show you wisdom to discern if what you are sensing is truly from Him or not.  Give yourself several days or more.  I know without a doubt God will answer you.  He loves you and knows you.

Your Sole Searching Sister,

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